PARUS is one of the vibrant social development organization practicing for the emancipation toward down trodden communities, far from the panorama of socio-economic , Political & cultural development and the bearing of one another’s burdens is the most elementary condition of all human and social activity in the society.

PARUS was established under the Registration of Societies Act, XXI of 1860 by group of young social developers, to address the genuine issues of the marginalized & deprived communities pertaining to their socio economic needs, sources of livelihood, capacity development socio-political emancipation & their participatory approach for self-development.

Keeping in view PARUS is endeavoring to streamline its access for achieving the desired results framed for its targeted population in economic development, health, education, human and institutional development, community physical infrastructure, disaster management & natural resource sectors & campaigning for the dignity of human rights & ethical values.

Implement PARUS vision and transforming it into the real issues and needs of the masses, PARUS has been able to come up with its desire, enshrined in its vision, mission, objectives designed to serve people without the social, political, racial, sectarian & linguistic segregation.

The core aim of PARUS is to initiate unceasing efforts for the basic & dire needs of community which have been devoid to them & strive to end the class segregation with viable slogan of rights to all without social status or political as well economic influence.

Achieving the rights of children is the cherished goal of PARUS. Access to quality education & health facilities is the real dream of PARUS, besides this PARUS is vocal against child labor & would wage all out efforts for the child labor for children ageing between 5 to 16 years and all those abominable act which are compelling child abuse, trafficking & all those acts and activities which are indulging the children in immoral activities.

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